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Art By Marie Needham

Personalised Dad Photo Print

Personalised Dad Photo Print

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This would make a lovely gift for a special occasion,  or a Birthday Gift or just an impromptu way of showing some appreciation for a very much loved and valued Dad! 

This item can be personalised with photographs and it is also possible for you to make changes to the wording as in the example shown.

You can choose whether to have your print on one of the following:

* A4  230gsm Professional Photo Paper (Matte finish)

* A4 260gsm Professional Photo Paper (Satin finish)

* A4 265 gsm Exhibition Matte Canvas Paper

* A4 380gsm Ultra Glossy Canvas Paper

Once you receive your print you can put it in a frame of your own choice to complete the gift or allow the recipient to use a frame of their own.

Alternatively, you can choose the framed option above and receive your print in a Black Wooden Frame as pictured.


One photograph per letter is advised, however, duplicates can be used if you so wish.

Please send good quality images, as only the size of the image(s) are altered and no changes to image quality can be made.

Once all the required information is received your print will be designed, printed, and dispatched to you within 3-5 business days.

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