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CUSTOM Communion or Confirmation Print

CUSTOM Communion or Confirmation Print

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Do you spend time looking for that perfect gift to give to your family member on their First Holy Communion or Confirmation Day?

Well, you've found it right here.

A print can be hung on a wall or placed on a piece of furniture anywhere in the home and will be treasured and admired forever.

With this custom print, you are in control!

There are 5 image templates to choose from.

So, first of all, decide which template you like best for the particular occasion - Communion or Confirmation.

Then, use the fields above to add the wording that will appear on the print.

You can say something funny, say something heartfelt - or both!

Does the recipient have a pet name that you always use? Well, now you can use it here on their print.

Is the print for your daughter, son, brother, sister, niece nephew, cousin, 18th cousin, once removed?

Well, you can include any family reference in your wording here.

So, have fun with it and let your creativity run wild, and take this opportunity for your Communion or Confirmation gift to say exactly, what you would like it to say this time.

The only limit is your own imagination (and the space on the print)!

Select one of the framed options above to receive your print in a Black Wooden Frame as pictured.

Are you also sending a card with your gift? If so, you can use the "CUSTOM Communion or Confirmation Card" product to design your own card to go along with your gift. You can even use the same image for a cohesive look.

Once all the required information is received, your print will be designed, printed and dispatched within 3 - 5 business days.

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